Dreamed in a sunlit he suggests that soon there will be joy and prosperity, somehow related to youth refreshing and beautiful rain. One or more soldiers dream suggests that there will be separation from loved ones for reasons beyond their control. The colors in dreams suggest the same symbol as they are known in life, therefore, they can be applied to the suits and dress or clothing in general. If we are covering our ears we symbolizes not want to recognize our emotional dependency on another person or situation. When a door appears closed and the dreamer can not open, it suggests that is probably not on the right track, causing difficulties both in family and in business and with friends. Dream walking soldiers on parade or in small groups, but wounded and returning from a battle, he suggests that love ones suffer problems and losses, which require your understanding and support. If you were pouring water on someone in your dream, then this is a symbol of an embarrassing situation that will happen to you. If red means energy, change in business or work, etc. Seeing a man of war in a dream means travel and fight beds…. Throwing or pouring water: Premonition that suffer loss or theft. If we dream we blind or blindfolded is indicative of an illogical fear of being cheated or persecuted or can also reveal our powerlessness over the circumstances of real life. All basements and attics are usually isolated places in the rest of the house where the chessmen, ie, all kinds of useless objects, old and damaged accumulate all of which contains precisely the dream symbol, that is, and the dreamer feels. In a dream, a water carrier represents a man of piety and trueness, because he practices the best of deeds and particularly if he does not receive a wage for his delivery in the dream. A woman who dreams that the rain and wet stain clothing, indicates that she is proceeding wrong, cheating someone or lying on a delicate matter to their friends, so soon have complications. Reckless behavior and activities will lead to a path of destruction. Seeing a package in a dream represents energy, skills, or creative sensations. In the case of seeing in the dream giving warmth to others, it can be interpreted as our need to offer affection or as the harbinger of our work will be recognized positively…. The soldiers, no matter what attitude they appear in dreams, are always a symbol of death, destruction, misery and loss of values, emotions and love…. See soldiers in combat insinuates that will soon face their own to overcome diseases struggles. When in dreams we are trapped in a basement, usually symbolic of adversities and sufferings that make us difficult life ahead, if during sleep we get out of it, it is a sign that our situation will improve and we will receive very interesting proposals , especially in the workplace…. Seeing a soldier in service, as a sentinel, it suggests that the dreamer must self discipline to achieve your goals. To dream that you (or your partner) has a lover, he suggests the unconscious desire to end your current relationship. If we go to an eye doctor it indicates the desire to find one we can to involve our problems and help us…. Dreamed of going through a door, no matter what shape or size suggests that soon receive news, perhaps unpleasant, relating to matters being handled. Dream about pouring water on shivling signifies a pessimistic outlook. Seeing a notary in a dream tells about unfulfilled desires…. If the dress is black, and even worse if it’s ugly and poor quality, it suggests that there are jealousies and selfishness around. Dreamed of seeing a broken door, and worse if it appears fall, suggesting no chance of getting what you want, so it is better to look for other options. Dreaming a closed and difficult to open can mean that opportunities have been wasted can no longer recover door. Some authors add that seeing us in a dream kissing a dead, is harbinger of inheritance. 7 – blind – A number of blind luck of sleep – 7…. Hear them, illness or death of someone close. Perhaps you need to bring the same sense of adventure into your existing relationship. Seeing a judge in a dream represents an authoritative figure in your life and he feels a need to be controlled by and telling you what to do. You may need to spend some time to clear your mind and … Dreamed of trying to force a locked door to go through it may mean that there is no probability of success in what you want…. Dream soldiers on parade and gala tinsel he suggests that the dreamer is falling into excesses that must be controlled to overcome self and thus achieve real success in your life and the enemies that are attacking. When the dress is white, announced for promising young women and for women over love sincere and affectionate friends. Dreamed dress (a) totally unsatisfactory white suggests coming changes and may even be harmful, all related to health. Seeing a person who is flogged in a dream suggests that it is hurting himself. Dreamed swinging on an open door suggests lack of seriousness and honesty in their activities. …Stay, great disappointments and reversals of fortune will suffer. Dreamed of buying or premiering new clothes and good presentation either man’s suit or dress woman, means upcoming changes in the life of the dreamer. If it appears with many colors or color spots suggests upcoming changes and ups and downs, that is, some people will express their estimate while others attack. When it appears in one or more, especially bright green, bright colors means joys and successes, particularly social. If you dream about pouring water on shiva Linga then it means you are very soon going to be joined with someone in your life like life partner.


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