Shure unidyne iii/unisphere i/545/565/sm57/sm58 differences? The main difference of this microphones is their sound. Comparing Shure 565SD and Shure Sm58, we would like to start with their prices. Before bidding I turned to Shure and asked what the differences between the 565 and the pe56d was, they replied with limited explanation, but told me internally it was no different than the 565, and that the pe series was sold and marketed in music stores from the early 70s-the early 80s. 565SD is more saturated with harmonics, while SM58 has more smooth sound on all frequency range with upbeat on 2000Hz to 7500Hz. Both microphones belong to the same price range – mics before 100$. Also, the specifications where Shure SM58 has 50hz frequency and Shure Super 55 has 60Hz frequency, the sensitivity are also different to each other, -54.5 dBV/P and -53 dBV/P just 1 dB apart.


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