I bought one on sale for $4.99 (they're normally $7 or so). Screamin' Sicilian Pizza Co.'s Supremus Maximus Supreme Pizza features Italian tomato sauce, Wisconsin whole milk mozzarella, rough cut pepperoni, sweet Italian sausage, fire roasted red and green bell peppers, onions, and olives on a medium stone-fired crust. MO of what you want to make the good times better. Hit us up 24/7 at 855-972-7326. MO of what … This single serve personal pizza will rule your mouth. For crispier crust bake for additional time. Bake until cheese is melted and crust is golden brown. Some call it magic, we call it Screaminizing at the next level. Due to unique ingredients, toppings may have shifted. For optimal pizza experience check pizza at 13 minutes. Enough chatter. We’re known as the mustache pizza, and our style and ingredients speak for themselves. Do not eat pizza without baking. Ingredients. Do not eat pizza without baking. The MO meat the better? Do not thaw pizza before baking. Comments? On your couch, in your pajamas—you know the drill. Now we’re talking! Questions? A Screamin’ Sicilian® pizza starts with whole milk mozzarella, our secret-recipe tomato sauce and TONS of toppings, all piled high atop our delicious crusts. Let’s get down to pizza business. For optimal pizza experience check pizza at 13 minutes. CRUST. You like a buck off delicious pizza? Due to unique ingredients, toppings may have shifted. Geniuses are gonna genius. Hit us up 24/7 at 855-972-7326. Hit us up 24/7 at 855-972-7326. Comments? Take a peek underneath and you’ll discover a flavor blast delivered from the first thick-crust, crispy bite. Get a pizza coupon! Piled on pepperoni, orbs of sausage and finish the … Sometimes you want to party. We didn't think we could take the Supremus Maximus to another level, but then Max was like, "Hold my beer. Remove pizza from all packaging. Learn more about our fun, family-owned craft pizza company that gives a darn about quality ingredients, delicious pizza and good times. Join our loyalty program, and we’ll send you monthly savings for one of our Screamin’ Sicilian craft pizzas. Crust (enriched unbleached wheat flour [wheat flour, wheat starch, ferrous sulfate, niacin, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, silicon dioxide, folic acid, malted barley flour], water, contains 2% or less of: white butter palm flake [palm oil with natural butter flavor and soy lecithin], vital wheat gluten, yeast, granulated sugar, salt, soybean oil, baking powder [monocalcium phosphate monohydrate, sodium bicarbonate, fully hydrogenated vegetable oil {palm oil}], dough conditioner [cellulose gum, xanthan gum], dough conditioner [wheat flour, ascorbic acid, natural enzymes]), whole milk mozzarella cheese (pasteurized milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes), pepperoni (pork, beef, salt, contains 2% or less of spices, dextrose, lactic acid starter culture, oleoresin of paprika, sodium nitrite, bha, bht, citric acid, may also contain dehydrated garlic, flavoring, sodium ascorbate), sauce (water, tomatoes, seasoning [sugar, salt, modified corn starch, xanthan gum, spices], garlic), sausage (pork, pork fat, spices, dextrose, salt, flavorings, sodium phosphates, yeast extract), green pepper, red pepper, yellow pepper, onion, vegetable oils (coconut oil, canola oil, high oleic soybean oil and/or high oleic canola oil), mineral oil, soy lecithin, oat fiber. Beer in your pizza? Sometimes the best party is a party of one. This pizza is dominated by mountains of toppings, on an individually rolled, stone-fired medium crust holding our secret recipe tomato sauce which we craft from the finest tomatoes available. Let's add pepperoni into the crust." Onions. Get a pizza coupon! Ready to eat delicious craft pizza? Try our original stone-fired buttery crust or our line of crusts made with Leinenkugel’s® Original beer! Awaken your taste buds! Secret recipe tomato sauce. Supremus Maximus supreme pizza. Still a ruler over all, just a smaller kingdom. THE. Loaded Pan Pizza is our thick-crust pizza that delivers on MO toppings and then blasts MO to your taste buds by baking delicious bites of pepperoni or cheese INTO.


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