In the Bronx, an Italian place has winter-proofed its back patio with plexiglass walls and electric heaters, along with festive vines with pink flowers. Once you're happy with the coverage on your tent, rotate the clamps (not shown below) so that when you put the rain-fly on your tent, the clamps won't poke through your rain-fly. )For packing light and avoiding a separate shade structure over your tent--like yo did--I'm sold on the concept of making your tent reflective, and even better, insulated too. This’ll make the tent a not-so-scary place for kids who are afraid of the dark. Musiclove - you mentioned bullclips. But you don’t have to rough it completely if you don’t want to. Some estimates suggest that up to one-half may close permanently within the next year. in BR Desert's high winds?3) Are the blankets more silver than gray? technically radiant heat barriers need 1" of space above them to reflect reg radiation away. on Step 6. i think its great and to dial it better : after you lay out your blankets, sew them together with teflon sewing thread and a sewing machine. Diners can snuggle up in a plexiglass-enclosed area with foot heaters under every table. The last thing to consider is the orientation and location of your tent. By It will fold down into... Grabber Outdoors Original Space Blanket. Emergency shelter -- In a pinch, you can use your space blanket as a tent, tarp or lean-to. 5 years ago × Keep a shoe basket near the entrance to collect those dirty shoes and keep your tent floor spic and span. Last year I duct taped 3 or 4 space blankets together and completely covered my tent and although it made it cooler the noise was so bad I'm not sure what was worse the heat or the noise, although maybe earplugs could have helped. With a little bit of cash and very little time you can thermally insulate your tent. When I went to Poundland to get my shelter (as above) I spotted they also had battery operated desk fans - the fan bit is about 5inch diameter. More than once have I lost a bag full of groceries because the bag ripped between the car and my kitchen. Gov. Any downside? (one of the reasons I use bulldog clips with the folding arms, you can adjust the blanket and then fold the arms out of the way from being knocked off by passers by!). :). To prevent this and to make the wind pass over/around your tent, add the rain fly. But it's a lovely purple! - 6 or more clamps: You can get these clamps from your local hardware store. Pull all your couch cushions off the couch and/or loveseat. Wondering if anybody has done this as a way to keep the cold ground from creeping into your bones. Available at all good hydroponics shops. Using sturdy emergency blankets and some clamps its possible to sandwich an insulating thermal layer between your tent and its rain-fly. Then it's easier to just find a bigger shade structure/camp (I slept alot at center camp... they have nice couches usually) and nap/sleep through the day. If you are in a cold weather situation, take advantage of the shiny side of the blanket to reflect heat from a campfire back to you. That's okay. But on a recent chilly afternoon at one bar, just two customers were under tents that could seat a total of 20. Features Made of layered polyethylene film, aluminum and Astrolar reinforcing fabric that stands up to wear really, a quick blast from the can, wonderful..., I had my tent out last weekend just for some last minute checks, as it was sunny we tried out the emergency shelters and the difference was amazing. I tried a few different approaches and ended up settling on the solution shown in the pictures. Marginally better but you really need an insulated sleeping pad to reduce heat loss by conduction. Or will it also help preventing the tent to get super hot regardless? In this part its perfect to use a large clamp. It will, however provide a moisture barrier between your sleep system and the dampness of the ground. And bring comforters and blankets instead of sleeping bags… at least for the adults. In my mind a sheet that reflects heat back up can't be bad, but really I have no verifiable data that it's useful.


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