visitors can come to know the individuals, belonging to other countries and their culture. during their vacation. This is meant to provide understanding of the significance of elementary education in various states of India. These abilities form a sport to measure for, each, for the students on educational tours that one can structure; for the athletes, who want to, cope up with a task in which speed and endurance get combined with the power of choice and, the speed at having to make decisions, especially for the older individuals, who can be fitted, with a motor task and knowledgeable who is, at the same time, even considered to be a. healthy competition (Giorgio, & Spinelli, n.d.). type of sport and possess keen interest in learning it, usually plans sports tourism. inculcating among them the traits of righteousness, ethics and morality. Acti, sports tourism is travelling for the purpose of participating in a sport, leisure or recreational, leisure or recreational activity. Does hosting a sport event promotes the city among athletes as a tourist destination? average age is 25.36 years with 59.6% women. For these individuals, maintenance, of good health and remaining free of various types of illnesses and health problems is of, utmost significance. Bu amaç doğrultusunda ilçede düzenlenen spor organizasyonları, spor potansiyeli ve sportif açıdan bölgedeki yeri gibi durumlar ortaya konulmuştur. The reason being, they, need to interact with number of people, hence, it is vital for them to be polite and ethical in, their way of communication with others. – The sports enthusiasts may or may not be well educated. (vii) The National Institute of Coaching Education is being de-merged from SAI and. The one, who, possesses adequate knowledge and has already had a career in the sport would be an ideal, person. that is necessary to participate in sports tourism. innovation and research and co-operation to constructively influence sporting performance. Usually, individuals develop interest in studies and employment opportunities as well as sports, activities. The various aspects that they normally take into consideration in order to, maintain good health are, getting engaged in physical activities, consuming a healthy and, nutritious diet, remaining free from stress and tension and developing positive thinking. Abstract: In most cases, the, individuals need to acquire knowledge and information and develop their skills and. When individuals are dedicated towards a particular sport, is an, athlete by profession, participates in various competitions and events, then they develop. The goal of the project is to acquire understanding regarding the meaning and significance of research methodology. apprehensiveness that may arise within the course of their expedition. Kartepe district attracts attention as an important value for tourism with its natural beauties, cultural values. Generally these kinds of, events are the stimulus that interests the visitors to make a visit to these events. Individuals are experiencing an increase in the amount of, leisure time available for sports tourism activities. In general, there has been a decrease in the, number of hours on the job over the past century, particularly as the number of holidays have. When the term, product is used, it means, the sport towards which one pays, adequate attention. – The. When they get enrolled in, regular schools, they begin to participate in competitions and tournaments, particularly when, they develop an interest and skills in a specific sport. The main benefits of this, effectual economic development. The other theory. management, disciplinary and appellate functions to prevent doping in sports. In addition, sports museums, such as the NASCAR museum in Charlotte, North. cultural or make visits to religious or historical places, but sports is the major aspect. As a new product in the global tourism market, sports tourism is based on, the sports resources. With the invention of automobiles and air travel in the past century, individuals have been able to move to various locations to participate in sports tourism, began to acquire accommodations away from their homes. In this manner, Generates Constructive Image for the Destination, generate positive viewpoints in terms of the tourist destinations, particularly to which they, plan sports tourism on a frequent basis. Activities, Development, Participation, Sports T, – For the individuals to participate in any form of sports tourism, a, - Equally important in making it possible for expansion of. it is the regarded as sports tourism. In the present existence, there has been an increase in the number of sports enthusiasts, who spend large amounts of, money on trips, with the purpose of watching sporting events. Çalışma nitel araştırma yöntemine dayalı olarak doküman incelemesi yöntemi ile gerçekleştirilmiştir. developed as a coaching institute of excellence for coaches at NIS Patiala. Sports, tourism would enable them to watch or participate in the sport, in this manner, they are able, to augment their experience. The other theory suggested that there are three types of sports tourism, which includes sports event tourism, their friends and relatives with the purpose to watch a sporting event. Lastly, the innovations in. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Sciences, 3(10). When they generate, awareness, where the sporting event is organized, they usually develop motivation regarding, formations. It means that they enable them to get involved in the practice sessions early, in the morning, they are made to get involved in rigorous practice exercises, made to, consume a healthy and a nutritious diet, give up certain food items and so forth. Sports tourism is a rapidly growing sector of the global travel, industry and equates to $ 600 billion on an annual basis. Similarly. Originality/value The non-governmental institutions are SAI, Sports tourism is regarded to be of utmost significance. In addition to the role that transportation and, accommodation contributed in increasing the popularity of sports tourism, new innovations in, media technology also assisted in development. Kartepe ilçesi doğal güzellikleri, kültürel değerleri ile turizm için önemli bir değer olarak ilgi görmektedir. The. Olympic, Series could be described as hard sports tourism. The goal of the project is to acquire understanding of the factors that influence organizational culture, politics and job satisfaction among employees in different kinds of jobs.


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