One of the recurring subplots in Keith Giffen and J.M. One of the strangest comic book series that Marvel released during the 1970s was Super-Villain Team-Up (starring Doctor Doom and Namor), which really seemed to just be an attempt to continue to put out a Sub-Mariner series. I was always taught that when cementing, u keep a piece of cement for yourself so u can feel how dry is has become. In Batman #66 (by Bill Finger, Bob Kane, Lew Schwartz and Charles Paris -- Kane was still drawing the Batman and Robin figures in the comics at this point, and then Lew Schwartz would draw everything else and then Paris would ink them both), the Joker screwed up in one of his crimes and barely escaped. Has 37 years experience. – Funny quotes that create their own context ‘Nothing ever has anything to do with real life.’ ‘Scallops wait for no man.’ ‘In my world, ALL hats are made of balloon animals.’ This could basically be every subtitle from every episode of Twin Peaks ever. Specializes in OR-ortho, neuro, trauma. And last night, I told him this: Stop hitting your friend in the face with that pickaxe. The resulting story (where the Joker commits crimes based on famous errors from history, like the Leaning Tower of Pisa) is filled to the brim with people saying the word "boner," especially when Joker tries to make Batman "pull a boner," as well. It's not that difficult!" So Thor villains would fight Iron Man, Iron Man villains would fight X-Men, and so on. Since 1997, allnurses is trusted by nurses around the globe. For instance, when he drew Amazing Spider-Man #215 and its fight between the Frightful Four and Spider-Man and Namor, he probably could have done a better job making it clear that Sandman is punching Spider-Man in the back here. As I was hanging the bag and attaching the saline to the irrigator the surgeon said "make sure u give my bag a good squeeze". Type them out here without explanation. He was starting to get impatient with me. This would then allow for shocking revelations of the villain's identity. Everyone in my family went to Duke, so of course I love Duke! I was TRYING to say "Did you have any stone or bile spillage?" It is all in good fun. I’m trying to imagine what sound he could possibly be making that could lead the transcriber to write this caption. Specializes in OR Hearts 10. It was meant as sharing some heated moments that were turned into funny moments. I live in NC and pull for the Carolina Hurricanes. But they can be sad, too. If I ever experienced this error, I would absolutely watch the entire thing. I was starting to get the hang of it, but this one reamer head WOULD NOT COME OFF! Tell us some that we missed in the comments section! First of all, what a great onomatopoeia for the sound of a bell and a ship? Then, in a moment of inspiration matched only by some rich guy seeing a bat crash through his window and deciding to dress up as a bat, the Joker decided to start doing crimes inspired by, well, boners. Eventually, Aquaman learns what is going on -- the man is studying him so that he can create the most realistic electronic Aqua-dolls in the world! More importantly, how do you do so loudly? In Spidey Super-Stories #27 (by Ralph Macchio, Jim Salicrup, Dwight Zimmerman, Win Mortimer and Mike Esposito), Spider-Man met Thor. It's hilarious. I said, "I'm sorry Dr. X, but I CANNOT GET THIS HEAD OFF!" I don’t know what a hidden laugh sounds like, but if I ever hear one in my house, I am going to move away immediately, and never come back. Kanye West Congratulates Kim K On Becoming A Billionaire In The Weirdest Memes That Make Working In Food Service Only Slightly More Tolerable Keeping that in mind, we present to you this compilation of weird, yet, absolutely funny out of context comic book panels! -, (This post was last modified: 02-18-2014, 10:11 AM by. Recite poetry? Aquaman did not want to be left out, so in Adventure Comics #177's "The Man Who Was Aquaman's Double!" Other times, it's an honest mistake that transcribers simply weren't able to catch. One of those tools was the Vibrator, which is just hilarious (if you ever watched Wacky Races, Penelope Pitstop also had a vibrator in her car, hilariously enough). One of the greatest things about Batman, especially in recent years, is that as he has gotten more and more grim as a character, then when you contrast him against non-dark things, he stands out more. However, an over-looked source of craziness are the opening splash page of classic comics, as they would often serve as almost like a secondary cover, as most comics had more than one story in them, so the splash page would be sort of the "cover" of that feature. Posted Jan 8, 2011. canesdukegirl, BSN, RN. He likes to do his cases quickly and appreciates efficiency. Still, they’re hilarious because of the ridiculous phrases or scene descriptions that are taken completely out of context. Captain America found himself faced off against Ant-Man's old foe, The Voice, as well as Captain Marvel's foe, the Controller (amusingly enough, the Voice was controlling the Controller) in Captain America #366 (by Mark Gruenwald, Ron Lim and Danny Bulanadi).


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