Follow my blog for easy to make recipes, how-to's and ideas to gather the family at the dinner table! The tuna lettuce wrap owes its name to how it’s served. I’m EXTREMELY picky about my tuna salad. The higher fat you use, the creamier and richer it will become. Add the cucumber, pickles, red onion and red peppers and gently combine. It’s packed with plenty of nutrients with the addition of bell pepper and I recently started adding a bit of cilantro this gives this a real fresh taste that we all love! 1121C Military Cutoff Road, #360 | Wilmington, NC 2840, Click Here to Join the FREE 30-Day Immunity Challenge, Use Up Your Leftovers with this Low-Carb Turkey Tetrazzini, Mini Pumpkin Pies! Slice the tomatoes, and cut out a wedge of lemon. Top with cherry tomatoes and carefully roll the the tortilla to create a wrap. Add the cucumber, pickles, red onion and red peppers and gently combine. If there’s one thing that literally triggers me (yes it’s that bad I have to use the word “trigger”) it is chunk light tuna! Isabella has been featured on FOX News, Channel 4, and E4. Through these tried and tested real food recipes, customized protocols, healthy living tips, and her joy-filled approach, Isabella encourages others to live, love, and thrive at their fullest health potential. This week, I am sharing our easy tuna salad lettuce wraps. I'm an IT professional by day. Isabella has helped many clients achieve their wellness goals using a multi-pronged approach specifically tailored to the individual. Spoon the mixture into your lettuce leaves and fold. spoon in about 1/2 cup of the tuna salad into the lettuce. I don’t like too much mayo, and I absolutely cringe at the thought of using chunk light. Keto Tuna Salad Lettuce Wrap. Chop your green onion, bell pepper, and cilantro. This is one of my favorite summer time lunches to put together with some potato chips or veggie straws, even served up with a little grilled watermelon slushee. About 8 of them for 4 people. Lay a lettuce leaf on the tortilla. You can use romaine, butter, iceberg, or any type of green leaf lettuce. Repeat with the remaining ingredients. -Use whatever % fat Greek yogurt you have on hand. Open and drain your tuna cans. Scoop ¼ of the tuna mixture into the center of the lettuce and spread down the middle. These tuna salad lettuce wraps aren’t drowning in mayo, and have so much flavor there’s no way your kids will not eat this up! In a bowl, combine your tuna, … If you have an abundance of canned tuna stocked up from life in quarantine, here is a delicious way to use it up! It’s definitely a favorite in our house! These tuna salad lettuce wraps aren't drowning in mayo that the whole family will love! Mix the tuna salad until creamy. It’s also great to try in an avocado boat! Sorry to you chunk light fans out there, but it’s cat food! Even if you meal prep all the time, cold lunches are a nice break from the good old meal prep ways (reheat and eat!). Spoon the mixture into your lettuce leaves and fold. All Rights Reserved. I love to use lettuce to wrap tuna in. These are a low-calorie, low-carb, but very tasty, light alternative to a tuna wrap sandwich! Family man • Recipe maker • Hockey junkie • Sharing meals that bring us together • [email protected] @dadwithapan #dadwithapan. You are also welcome to use dairy-free yogurt! Spoon the yogurt mixture into the bowl and gently fold in to combine. In a medium bowl, add the tuna and break up into flakes with a fork. Having my tuna along some lettuce do use for a wrap is a super simple way to get my fix in during lunch hour. Home cook for the family by night. In a bowl, combine your tuna, mayo, mustard, nature's seasoning and black pepper. Isabella Yon is an experienced Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and recipe developer with an extensive background in the health and wellness industry.


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