The chassis or case is the metal frame that serves as the structural support for electronic components. Microcomputers became the most common type of computer in the late 20th century. Every computer system requires at least one chassis to house the circuit boards and wiring. We can categorize computer in two ways: on the basis of data handling capabilities and size. A hybrid computer system setup offers a cost effective method of performing complex simulations. This one tells the … Types of Computer. Analogue computers … Computer Components. Smart watches and other wearables are the next iteration of computers. The chassis also contains slots for expansion boards. Different Types of Computer: Based on working Principal, purpose and Size Computer can be classified in many ways. III, Personal Computer Types. The term “microcomputer” was introduced with the advent of systems based on single-chip microprocessors. There are different types of computer. The term "microcomputer" has practically become an anachronism. Each type of computer contains a central processing unit, or CPU, which is a component within a computer that carries out instructions embedded in programs, which tell the computer … The best-known early system was the Altair 8800, introduced in 1975. Computers types I, Computer: Definition A computer is a machine that can be programmed to manipulate symbols. The fastest and most powerful type of computer … If you’re looking to carry your computer to work or on vacation, you obviously need a laptop. A computer is an electronic device that accepts data, processes it, stores, and then produces an output. Computers can be either electronic or digital, and they share several common components. Super Computer . Wearable. The common way is to classify the computer according to working principle, purpose and size. Its principal characteristics are: § It responds to a specific set of instructions in a well … On the basis of Size: Type of Computer. Actual personal computers can be generally classified by size and chassis / case. On the basis of data handling capabilities, the computer is of three types: Analogue Computer; Digital Computer; Hybrid Computer; 1) Analogue Computer. There are Four Different Computer Types We have four different computer types classified according to their performance, power, and size. These days, it’s not unusual for individuals or families to have more than one type of computer.


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