Clause 27, as amended, agreed to. noble Earl has said, this has been the subject of considerable controversy, and there has been arrived at, by the give and take of everybody concerned—. § We hope that we may before long rank with Bristol and with Cambridge, who are being brought into the veterinary field for the first time in history. § HL Deb 04 May 1948 vol 155 cc619-34 619 § 3.20 p.m. § House again in Committee: § Clause 8: § Use of descriptions as to professional status. ?s�Ǫw!*���n4�"rf`C��W��������;b4/R+ׄb�&��W�N��&�����0�bX.�����&�v�W�. 0000004395 00000 n First Schedule, as amended, agreed to. § It will be appreciated that it costs the Society much about the same sum when you realise that there are four-and-a-half years of training and, in addition, refresher courses afterwards, the whole of the expense of which is borne by the Society. We also bring them under the discipline of the Royal College. I should like to congratulate the noble Lord, Lord Harlech, upon his extremely brilliant and able advocacy in pleading their cause with such fire and consistency. Treatment and operations which may be given or carried out by unqualified persons. Amendment moved— I do not have to remind many noble Lords in this House that this battle was fought thirty years ago on the Act which regulates the profession of dental surgery. § xref The noble Viscount, Lord Bledisloe, has pointed out that "practitioner" goes a great deal further and gives a much wider description of an unregistered man than the word "surgeon" which is to be applied to the registered man. In view of the length of training which the registered veterinary surgeon has to undergo and of the fact that, apart from its immediate results, one of the main purposes of the Bill is to give greater certainty and status to the whole veterinary profession, I appeal to the noble Earl to reconsider this matter. I dislike the word "practitioner" because it gives the senior title, as it were, to a person who, so far as nomenclature goes, is only a surgeon. 0 The question was how they should be brought within the provisions of the Act, and how, in future, the profession could be restricted to fully trained and qualified men. 633 Amendment moved— For those reasons, I beg to move. The problem is a greater one still in the more remote farming areas, for there we have the linguistic problem also. We must remember that, for climatic and soil reasons alone, Wales will always be primarily an animal producing country. Page 10, line 3, after ("London") insert ("and Wales").—(Lord Harlech.). 0000013606 00000 n "(1) Any power conferred on the Privy Council by this Act may be exercised by any two or more of the Privy Council. 0000011985 00000 n I see no reason for it at all. It is the correct word for one who is dealing with the treatment of animal diseases. x�b```b``]�����b��ǀ |@16� >�P R��N�x��=�����5 �=���%��9��&� For those reasons I hope my noble friend on behalf of the Government will resist this Amendment. I put this Amendment down solely for the purpose of having some discussion on this point, to make it quite clear that the door is still open for representation. § Amendment, by leave, withdrawn. The Bill itself does that in the restrictions it employs in its terms. 632 It would be impossible to foist such a title upon a serious professional man. Our needs are genuine, real and clamant at this moment; and before this Bill leaves your Lordships' House I should like to have some reassurance that our case is not hopeless. The noble Lord said: I put this Amendment down in order to obtain from the Minister in charge of the Bill in this House some further statement as to the present attitude of the Ministry of Agriculture towards the repeated representations from Wales in regard to the There is no reason at all why, in the future, other universities, including the University of Wales, should not set up veterinary faculties and train veterinary surgeons. It was made clear during Second Reading that few people in the countryside get any further in their description of the man who treats their animals than the single-syllable word "vet." I do not know whether it is exactly the same in the medical profession, but I should imagine that there the surgeon is regarded as the expert, in a higher category than the medical practitioner. 0000017231 00000 n |��kb.$�T^��Z�yj��D�������cd��. I beg to move. This question is probably the most difficult we have had to face in drawing up this Bill. It conjures up the vision of a Beatrix Potter world—the spectacle of a dog going around with a black bag. The point at issue is the question of the name of the unregistered veterinarian, or whatever you may call him. § 629 28/48 11 158 REGULATIONS (under section 19) ... 'authorized veterinary surgeon" means a veterinary surgeon to whom an authority has been granted by the Chief Medical The 1948 Act for the first time restricted the practice of veterinary surgery to members of the RCVS, but with some exceptions. View by Section Amharc de réir Ailt; View Full Act Amharc ar an Acht ... 1949, with respect to the appointment or election of additional members of the Council of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the payment of fees to the said Council. 0000001158 00000 n It has been the accepted practice in this country for years. 0000011697 00000 n 628 The Public Authorities Protection Act 1948 [Act 198] shall apply to any action, suit, prosecution or proceeding against the Council against any member, officer, The other point I should like to mention is the one brought up by my noble friend Lord Lucas—that the same problem arose in connection with the Dentists Act, 1921, when a large number of unqualified At this time a Veterinary Surgeons Act (1948) was passed enabling the acceptance of graduates of an approved university degree for registration as MRCVS; Liverpool BVSc was the first such, so our by now depleted class was spared having to take duplicate exams in our last years.


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