This model, their flagship, is pretty thin. For most people, we do not think the Allswell mattress will feel hot. Take our Mattress Match Quiz to find mattresses that fit your needs, based on your preferences and price range. Factors like your weight and body shape (e.g., broader shoulders and/or hips) will determine how far you sink into the mattress, and the pressure relief offered by that mattress will vary widely at different depths. density, 3/4" polyurethane foam base, 1.3 lb. In both tests, the pin wiggled a little, but never seemed in danger of falling over. The cover is made with a blend of Tencel and polyester. Eight Sleep discount codes and deals for Black Friday and November 2020: Get $500 off with this MASSIVE offer! Read more about the Allswell return policy on their website. Backed by Walmart as a bed-in-a-box, value is a highlight to this no-frills mattress that performed especially well for back and stomach sleeping. This innerspring technology is  zoned, meaning that more robust support is directed to heavier parts of the body. Standard shipping is free to all states except Alaska and Hawaii. Walmart works to make it easy to buy a new mattress on their website. All of the foams used are certified to the CertiPUR-US standard, which verifies that a material has low VOC off-gassing as well as a lack of chemicals and other substances regulated by the CPSC. You also get a 10-year warranty, which isn't the longest, but nicely falls in line with the general consensus on how often you should change your mattress. So if we have concerns about the longevity of this mattress, it would be softening/sinking of the top foam, and premature compression of the springs. For a wide range of back and stomach sleepers, the Allswell may be all that's needed, and at a low price. Overall, the combination of firm polyfoam and pocketed coils provides a good level of support and comfort, and avoids many of the problems associated with either spring-only or foam-only mattresses, such as sinking or rolling together. No mattress will provide equally good spinal alignment (a.k.a., back support) for every sleeper. You also have the options of ‘white glove’ delivery and faster shipping at an extra cost. See the, Is the Allswell bed right for you? Originally from the Upper East Side of Manhattan, I currently live in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles with my husband and our two dogs, Lulu and Milo. And all Allswell mattresses are manufactured in the USA, too. A queen size Allswell mattress currently sells for $345 with free shipping. In most cases, the Walmart site lists the length of the warranty in the product description. When you press your hand into the mattress, for instance, then remove it, does it take several seconds for the mattress to return to flat, or does it recover immediately? The individually-wrapped coils minimize motion across the surface of the mattress provide the great comfort and support of this mattress. But do note that Allswell mattresses are not shipped outside of the USA. “I wanted to incorporate aspects of our aesthetic while maintaining the integrity of a home, not a branded experience and storefront.”, Durkin was involved in the process, sending inspiration photos and working with Modern Tiny Living in the overall conceptualization of the space. The American mattress, bedding and home furnishings brand was only launched in 2018. Allswell is Walmart’s first digitally native brand, but they operate independently with their own offices and creative autonomy. Although you can’t try out Allswell mattresses before buying them, you do get a 100-night trial, after which you can return them if you’re not satisfied. Our pick of the range is the standard Allswell mattress. The EuroTop gives the Supreme an enhanced softness in comparison with the other models and this, of course, has the same quilted cover. The Allswell Mattress has added edge support on two sides. You also have the options of ‘white glove’ delivery and faster shipping at an extra cost. This can be good for back sufferers, as well as stopping couples from rolling together at night. The brand launched in 2018 and offers hybrid mattresses at affordable prices.


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