Mesa sports agility and skill with secondary weapons — but let’s be real, you’re running her for her Peacemaker ability. This Hammer deals a low amount of base damage by itself—only clocking in at 205—but it actually becomes one of the best melee weapons when players consider it is a Kuva Lich weapon. Item DB Builds Tier List New Build Player Sync. Part of the appeal is that you don’t need to spend any Forma on it to make it a huge source of damage. When you’ve got to wipe out an entire map’s worth of enemies, Saryn is your Warframe. Since the Nikana Prime is one of the strongest Nikanas in the game, it benefited from all of these changes. Venka Prime gives you the highest base damage from all claw weapons, combined with very high Slash damage, great critical chance, critical multiplier, and attack speed stats. Null Star gives her some damage resistance while also granting some bonus firepower. He is currently a Freelance writer for TheGamer and Game Rant. Obtained from the Jackal and various tiers of Granum Void, the Stropha is an Arca Plasmor variant of the Redeemer Prime. This toaster gun/melee hybrid features a 30% critical hit chance with a 2.4x critical damage multiplier with a subpar 14% status chance, although this can easily be fixed with Weeping Wounds. Rhino. The Monkey King reigns supreme. Ivara is a frame which is permanently invisible, it means she is also a top tier. Warframe's first community-powered tier list, just click to cast your vote! Primed Reach is mandatory to make the Venka Prime a room-clearing machine. While most stick with the Redeemer Prime, there is one solid alternative. This weapon does so much Slash damage on a heavy attack that players can forgo armor stripping entirely to kill enemies. Silva and Aegis Prime is another weapon that had been lost to the depths of … Warframe Trinity and Nova Prime Vault Dual Pack — Is It Worth It? Like most other weapons on the list, it does high Slash damage, has great critical values, and backs it all up with some pretty good status chance. As a result, some entries in this article were somewhat dated. Silva and Aegis Prime is another weapon that had been lost to the depths of time in Warframe, but Melee 3.0 brought it back with a vengeance. Status and the Lesion polearm go together better than any other melee weapon in Warframe. Like I said above, few frames are truly bad, and there are a number of picks that could stand alongside those on this list, depending on your taste, like Limbo, Nidus, Gara, Trinity, and Gauss, just to name a few. Whipclaw hits hard, while Ensnare gives her a means of taking powerful enemies out of the fight temporarily. High critical and status stats allow this weapon to be built as a hybrid between the two, allowing it to scale well in Steel Path and endurance missions. Some consider the Ninkondi Prime to be a lackluster melee weapon due to its pitiful range and diluted damage stats. Zaws are special, … Most frames are useful in one situation or another. Available at Mastery Rank 9, most players that have put a solid chunk of hours into Warframe should be able to obtain this weapon from Baro Ki'Teer whenever he arrives at a Relay. The Shimmering Blight stance will allow for rapid and fast attacks, allowing you to rapidly build your combo, and force plenty of critical hits on large groups of enemies. Related: Best Primary Weapons in Warframe. The Reaping Spiral stance mod will add some spin-ti-win elements to your arsenal, and give you the tools to do insane amounts of damage to tough units. With hundreds of melee weapons to choose from, Warframe can feel a little overwhelming at times. Every player should have a Redeemer Prime crafted. Not only does this Infested polearm have a 37% status chance and great range, but it also has a hidden mechanic where it gains 100% additive Toxin damage and 15% increased attack speed when an attack inflicts a status effect.


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