“This system takes the guesswork out of buying electricity. While it has provided convenience to the end users, the utility has found the system useful to manage its arrears and to manage its customers more effectively. “The regulator this time has fixed a flat tariff, irrespective of amount of electricity consumed, if a customer gets a prepaid meter connection,” WBSEDCL chairman Malay De said. The next generation Liberty, better known as Liberty 100 was born. Households are considered by the government to be in ‘fuel poverty’ if fuel costs to keep their home in a satisfactory and livable condition are above the national average.Liberty has been instrumental in reducing fuel poverty. Selfcare portal. An infrastructure that connected retailers’ vending channels to the Liberty server in the United Kingdom was set up. Feeders with high losses and poor revenue collection were identified for the pre-payment project which was funded by the Federal Republic of Germany in the form of a grant from KfW Bank. For the team, who had worked hard on the Liberty system, this was a proud moment because they crossed this landmark a year earlier than planned. Having talked to consumers, they saw strong evidence of budgeting, load limiting and energy conservation. Web based vending brought in the convenience of an easy to use, yet highly secure system for the generation of vend tokens, making Liberty deployments convenient around the world. Its burden will be more for the government utility’s 75 lakh-odd customers than the 25 lakh who have CESC connections (see chart). The government of Bangladesh invited international bids for a Pre-payment Metering Pilot Project in the city of Chittagong for 13,000 BPDB consumers for three different 11kV feeders. The pilot was very successful, and the utility gradually rolled out a large number of pre-payment meters in the Guwahati area. The project started in April 2012. Under a new prepaid scheme, domestic users will be charged a flat tariff of Rs 4 per unit for a WBSEDCL connection and Rs 4.56 a unit for a CESC connection, irrespective of how much power they consume. The customer can recharge his account online from the BSNL Selfcare portal after The Liberty client software running on the vending PC allows customer to carry out database management and also generate reports. The procedures require that connections and changes to the system are requested in a secure and controlled manner. 2007 Reliance (BSES) The utility has found the system useful to manage its arrears and to manage its customers more effectively The first Liberty order from BSES Reliance for pilot pre-payment was received in 2007. However, the licensees have fixed the extended due dates for the bills for the month of March 2020 considering the prevalent situation. An excerpt from the article, ‘An experiment with Power - prepaid electricity in Manipur reduces power theft; improves supply,’ written by Mr. Bibek Debroy:“People have been jailed for stealing electricity and tampering with meters. 46%) was observed with the use of Liberty. On 5th February, 2016, we achieved the milestone of 1,000,000 Liberty 100 meters in Great Britain. Like any controlling standard it requires procedures and work instructions and is audited internally and externally. Robert Samson, Senior Project Manager of Fichtner, Germany stated “We expect PRI’s Liberty system will make life easier for consumers, and will also bring significant benefits for BPDB. However, the overall bill for WBSEDCL customers will be less than that of their Calcutta counterparts, although the gap now narrows. WBSEDCL consumers who make the switch will not be so lucky, but will at least save themselves a part of the tariff increase. usage available if any will not be carried forward ,but the customer can recharge his If consumers know exactly how much electricity they are consuming (there are instant alerts) and how much that costs (not quite the same with post-paid bills), they are more judicious in using electricity.”. Consultants to BPDB for the project were Fichtner, Germany and UDS, South Africa. Today, currency based pre-payment metering has become the national standard for all present and future roll-outs. When the UK government mandated the roll-out of smart meters (the next generation of gas and electricity meters) to give users more control over their energy use, to help them understand their bills (by allowing them to see the cost of energy they use), and enabling them to change supplier, Liberty went through a major transformation. Despite the pilot’s success, it did not result in a roll-out. All rights reserved. A project that started with 117 meters now has ~40K Liberty usersA pilot project to deploy 117 pre-payment meters began in Assam in 2008. Seeing the benefits Liberty could offer, UPPCL team strongly recommended that the utility implement pre-paid metering for the following consumers in the first phase, and on priority- mobile towers, temporary connections, government and non-government colonies, multi-point connections in multi-storey buildings, theft prone areas etc. Since then, the concept has become very popular with its ‘fuel poor’ customers.Fuel poverty, a distinct issue from poverty generally, is driven by three differing factors: household income, energy prices and the energy efficiency of the property. How to View online WBSEDCL Bill? “We were surprised that any single company could meet all of our demanding requirements”In early 2000, Chittagong had distribution system losses >25%; well above the national average. Calcutta, Nov. 29: The introduction of prepaid electricity meters all over Bengal will take time because of technical glitches faced by the distributors. 250/- (Service Tax Extra) Activation Charges 100/- Activation Initial benefit Free Usage 400 MB Validiy 30 days Volume Based Prepaid Broadband Recharge Voucher S. No. For limited plans,balance usage available if any will be carried forward,in case of This made the deployment of Liberty system easier to manage, as it eliminated the need for the installation of Liberty client software on desktops. Furthermore it helps us focus on business continuity. Sanjaya Singhal, Group Chief Executive, Secure Meters group, said “We are delighted that our European customers have bestowed this honour on us. 19% of people in the UK (roughly 10 million) use pre-payment meters to pay for their energy and this number is expected to rise. The system needed to be flexible so that utilities could easily integrate the system within their IT systems. The Liberty pre-payment system was introduced into Northern Ireland as a pilot project in 1999, primarily as a means of debt recovery and debt avoidance.


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