Who will win in a fight between Zeus (Reborn) and Superman Prime One-Million? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. It still doesn't make sense that a Skyfather with reputation of being equal to Odin would lose against a teambuster. In a physical fight Prime would murder him. Disclaimer: As I have said in other mashups, pitting characters from one universe against another is juvenile and pointless as neither company would want to have their character lose to the other. You are indeed where you belong. However, a Skyfather should put up a decent fight none the less if he's not jobbing haha. No. Superhero battle match: Zeus (Reborn) versus Superman Prime One-Million. Since his life was recreated by the Phoenix after the death of his Universe, he may be lacking a particular universal constant which is not available in our universe. Superman Prime would acquire access to these powers when his descendants would marry members of a 5th Dimensional family and transfer their powers to him. In addition to the entire suite of superhuman abilities (super-strength, invulnerability, speed, vision powers, etc) common to the most powerful versions of Superman, Superman Prime had several advantages which pushed his powers to a level unforeseen by nearly any version of the character:. During his travels, he acquired vast abilities and skills from every being he met and gained perfection over all the abilities he received. Superman Prime (One Million) is also not to be confused with the canon character, When the Pre-Crisis DC Universe collapsed, he was one of the few survivors. Discovered by one of the first most advanced races in the universe, a Watcher is horrified to discover how powerful Galactus was. Galactus (as the humanoid Galan) was a survivor of the previous universe. He is a mystery to most of the Universe but here's what we do know: Even at his earliest stages, he was a power almost without equal. And with it? Biggest hitters that went against him were Namor, She-Hulk, Monica Rambeau, and a Hela curse weakened Battle Armor Thor. He is reborn from the Cosmic Egg as a brother to Eternity and Death. Galactus does not have to completely destroy a world he has fed upon. The Imps simply do this because they are able to see our dimension, our state of being as something able to be manipulated and controlled the same way we do to things in our 3-dimensional space. He could only do what he was told. Why do Japanese have blue eyes and blond hair in anime? . Beings who seek its power and are deemed unworthy become part of the wall adding to its protection. Monitor armor will tank all Zeus attacks. Posted by u/[deleted] 5 years ago. Created by RajinKabir. All of his descendants draw their power from it and must recharge regularly or lose them after only a few days. Absolutely. Do you really think that a amped superman has a chance against the king of the gods at his prime. Characters Battles Teams Super Powers Forum Feed Collections. In his early literary career Galactus was THE original name on the block. He is, an as yet undisclosed but necessary part of the Marvel Universe. ", As such, Galactus is able to employ the cosmic energy within him to produce virtually any effect he desires. There is no canon answer as to what specific type of energy Galactus is feeding upon when a world is selected by a Herald. Alien-X v.s. (Avengers Vol 1, #285, 1987) Secondly, line-up really wasn't that impressive. Marvel Zeus is lacking in the number of feats tbh, and his best has context to it. Alien-X v.s. Vast Energy Absorption Powers: Superman Prime remained in the Earth's sun for 15,000 years. The Source Wall, the boundary to the DC Multiverse and believed to be the source of metahuman abilities in the DC Universe. Seeing as how he's a Limitless Reality, Space and Time warper and so far in the series he was only hurt by his own species, yes. ( Log Out /  It may also be that containing the destructive element of Abraxas within his "body" may require an infusion of life energy (Phoenix Force) to maintain his prison. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. How strong is Colossus, as the Agent of Cytorrak? 0 wins (0%) Zeus (Reborn) Zeus Panhellenios: Within the "Cosmic Egg" the Sentience of the Universe revealed itself to Galan and informed him that though they both would die in the final moments of the universe, they would both survive through a joint heir born into the next universe. No boundaries at all.". I take it zeus can channel all his pwoer itno stat ampig and that should do it. Despite his humanoid appearance Galactus is a being who defies description, his powers are dwarfed by his physical appearance, which is now more than anything a construct perhaps in homage to his previous humanoid appearance.


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